Thank you to Or Intercollegiate Journal for publishing my translation of “On the Hidden and the Concealed.”

Introduced, Translated and Annotated by Sam Glauber, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Herzog College 

Can one “sense” the presence of the divine? How much value may one ascribe to the inner stirrings of the heart? What is the role of the intellect in coming to the true knowledge of God? There are amongst the questions that concerned Hillel Zeitlin (1871-1942), the Warsaw journalist, social critic, poet, philosopher, political activist, and mystic. “On the Hidden and the Concealed,” a short essay published in the spring of 1921, in the Hebrew literary journal Hatekufa, addresses these questions, while drawing upon a wide range of sources, both from within and outside of the traditional Jewish canon. The first section of the essay, discussing the nature of intuition, visionary experiences, and the ability to describe the spiritual in physical terms, is presented here in translation for the first time.

Born into a family of…

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