I am a student of Torah, studying at Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, with a stop in Vancouver, Canada, and am now a proud Israeli.

sam-glauberMy primary interests include the study of Jewish mystical texts and placing them in the context of modern life. I believe that through the translation of such teachings and wisdom, they are given a new life through the broader audience who can study and learn from them. Modernity has brought about many intellectual challenges to religion, and a secular attitude largely indifferent to spirituality and deeper meaning. As we now speak a new language, at times different from that of traditional Jewish thought, new expressions and ways of understanding people, God, and the relationship between them must be sought. Such teachings are awaiting us in the Jewish mystical tradition. It is my hope that through sharing such texts, modern people in search of God and spirituality may find answers to the longings of the heart.

The name of the blog, Between Two Worlds (על גבול שני עולמות), I have taken from the title of Hillel Zeitlin’s dream diary. Writing in 1917, Zeitlin witnessed a time of tremendous change and upheaval. His journal weaves together modern concerns alongside his inner longings for closeness to God, as Zeitlin alternatively shares his thoughts on the ongoing Russian Revolution and World War together with his religious struggles and dreams of ascent to a higher world. The diary, and Zeitlin’s life in general, epitomize the struggle many of us find ourselves in, as we seek to bridge the external world of modernity with the inner world of the spirit.

Along with translations of essays from Zeitlin, I also intend to share translations of short reflections from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the first chief rabbi of Israel and modern mystic par excellence, as well as translations of more classical Ḥasidic teachings which may be of interest to the broader public who might otherwise not encounter them.

I may be contacted at samglauber18 [at] gmail.com.

– Sam